Helping you support your women leaders

More than ever, Australians are looking to their employers for effective leadership and action on gender equity. 

Women & Leadership Australia partners with organisations to increase leadership capacity and drive cultural change. We support women leaders at all levels through market leading leadership development programs and events, and offer the latest thinking in leadership and gender equity. 


As Australia’s largest women focused development initiative, we provide tangible and accessible support for women leaders at all levels. Let us work with you to support your female leaders and help your organisation take meaningful steps towards increased gender equity.​

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Creating a psychologically 
safe workplace​

We know gender equity can boost organisational success. But ensuring psychologically safety is key to high performing diverse teams.​

organisational politics

Are organisational politics getting in the way of your gender equity efforts? These expert tips will help you work with organisational politics as a positive force.

Does ageism set women back 
in your workplace?

For many people, getting older can make it harder to get and keep a job. And for women the effect is greater. Jane Caro reflects on how ageism happens and what to look out for.

Reliable advice and insights

We provide informative content and resources to assist individual women leaders to build greater life satisfaction and fulfilment, and organisations to advance gender equity.

Inspirational role models

Our annual Awards for Excellence in Women’s Leadership celebrate the important and often unrecognised work undertaken by some of Australia’s most inspirational women and shine a constant light on the continued push for increased gender equity.

High impact networking experiences

Our world-class events showcase the country’s most respected women and are synonymous with excellence and achievement across all facets of business and community leadership.

Career changing development scholarships

We offer development scholarships to women across a range of industries through our Industry Partnership Framework. 

Market leading development courses

Our unique leadership education courses support emerging, middle and senior women leaders, combining applied learning with the latest in leadership theory and practice.​

5 tools to drive gender equity 
in your workplace

These five essential tools and resources can help your organisation improve gender equity, from communication to recruitment and staff engagement.