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Inclusive workplaces benefit everyone. Staff feel valued and supported, team cohesion is strengthened, innovation thrives, and business outcomes improve.

An inclusive workplace is one that embraces diversity and practices inclusion. Diversity can be inherent or acquired and is what makes us unique. Inclusion is a sense of belonging and is evident when people feeling valued, respected and psychologically safe.

Empowering leaders to be confident champions of inclusion

Participant Profile

This program is for intermediate through to senior level leaders and managers. It is also suitable for professionals or teams who have a role in developing and implementing diversity, equity and inclusion strategies in the workplace. For organisations that wish to extend this knowledge to a broader audience, this program can also be a valuable way to increase psychological safety and social capital amongst staff.

During the program participants will work collaboratively to:

Module Themes

Segmented into five distinct but complimentary themes, the program engages participants in an exploration of inclusive leadership practices. Participants will gain a deeper appreciation of the benefits to their team and organisation, and their important role in championing and driving inclusion in the workplace.

Participant Experience

Delivered online over five months, this program is designed to be both engaging and challenging, without overburdening busy professionals. Through supportive exploration, participants are encouraged to re-evaluate their leadership approach and envisage new ways of thinking and acting.

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Participants enrolling into the program must satisfy WLA’s admissions criteria and adhere to standard admissions policies and procedures. Enrolment details may be obtained by contacting the WLA Admissions Team. Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to someone please give us a call on:

Enquiries, enrolments and fees

Enhancing organisational culture and performance
through conscious awareness and inclusive
leadership practices

“This program enables leaders to think and act more inclusively, to create real change across their teams. It’s about functionalising inclusion and making it a part of everyday thinking and behaviour.”

Dr Janet Smith

Director of Programs, WLA


Trial and evaluate new approaches to leadership


Investigate innate biases and assumptions


Identify strategies to champion inclusion and diversity in their workplace


Find ways to create psychological safety within their teams


Explore what it means and looks like to be an inclusive leader


Understand and embrace the fundamentals of diversity, equity and inclusion


Create an inclusive vision of leadership for their organisation or team


What is diversity and inclusion and why does it matter?‚Äč


What is inclusive leadership?


Creating psychological safety


Addressing unconscious bias


Integration and implementation

Online development webinars

During the program, participants attend five 90-minute online webinars (one per month). The webinars focus on collaborative exploration pertinent to each of the key themes and are designed to challenge existing mindsets and inspire innovation.

Self-directed exploration

Between the webinars, participants will have access to content and materials designed to assist them in identifying and experimenting with new approaches. Content is available via our online learning management system allowing participants to engage with it at any time from any device. Throughout the program, participants are also encouraged to share their insights via group discussion forums.

Workplace Inclusion Project

The Workplace Inclusion Project is a unique element of the program which supports the practical implementation of learning in alignment with organisational objectives. Projects will be determined by participants, in collaboration with their organisation, and will provide opportunities to consolidate and demonstrate new skills and thinking.

The standard course fee is $2,995 (+ GST) per participant. The standard course fee covers all facilitated training, online content and program related materials.